In the US for the holidays

Well Laura and i are back in the US for the holidays for the first time in our marriage. We’re both a little excited about it, and a little bit anxious about it. I mean, when you have never had to manage the time with family and you’ve only really done christmas with each other (and of course, christmas day meals with the ries family) you really miss out on that finding the balance between families. And yet, maybe its not all that big of a deal. It hasn’t been so far, so lets hope that continues.
We are looking forward to a couple of things other than spending time with family:
1. Spending time with the Fiedlers (nicholas and leslie)
2. Getting to see Buddy, Jeff, and Kathryn
3. Getting a pre-release of Laura’s brother’s band speakeasy’s new album
4. Last but not least, getting some time to relax together!
My mom just let me know that the First Baptist church in Eutaw, Alabama needed me to speak for them on this Sunday. It should be fun. Unexpected, but fun. If you are around Eutaw on Sunday, and want to join us, please do!
As for now, I’m sitting in the park of Paola Kansas using a local law firms wireless. Yes, I am squatting on internet. What joy!
happy holidays to all. may you make space for God to belong in Christmas, or otherwise festivities!