Holiday season brawls?

Well, as we enter the festive time of the year, it only seems appropriate that there are a few family feuds stirring up around the globe. And while some of the feuds are between friends seeking to relevantly discover dialogue in a new way for the good of all, some of the banter is just plain useless…maybe?
For instance, did you know Rosie was being sued by Donald Trump for making fun of his non-firing of Miss USA after her bout with underage drinking and “something” with Miss Teen USA? Yep, and he threatened to send someone after her partner..ouch.
And did you know that a couple of guys at strangers and exiles have tried to provoke yet another fight with the ECM using the thoughts of John MacArthur? And yes, as usual, Josh Brown has taken up his challenge and is ready to start what appears to be something of an old fashioned gang-war?
And did you know that even Tony Campolo wants to use electronic media to “talk back to our Religious Right brothers and sisters”? Won’t this be an interesting election season. Obama…obama..obama…
Nope it doesn’t sound like the most calming time of the year. But at least some people are trying to down play the violence in the world. Like Andrew Jones who has blogged about his “cruelty-free Christmas feast” which includes ducks, and beef killed humanely, and crabs which were put in the freezer to put them to sleep before placing them in the boiling water. Yes folks, no cruelty here. Just good food and good friends.
And maybe that is what we should all hope and try to be for others…good friends who bring that redemptive sense of the dramatric inbreaking of messanic proportions into the world around us. Sure, it won’t look the same in every place; or even simple and joyous in every situation, but as the above blogs represent, the inbreaking of the good news of the good kingdom ought to challenge the systems of our world towards a more redemptive end. What does, rosie have to do with that, I am not real sure…but maybe just maybe, even she, the strangers and exiles, john macarthur, tony campolo, josh brown, the ecm, the sbc, and andrew jones have a role to play. Yes, maybe even you have a role to play. After all, you were named “Time Magazine’s Person of the Year!”
Congratulations..i hope you live up to the hype! And may your holidays be filled with great laughter, great tears, and opportunities for God to belong.