“Drown me out…drown me out”

Over the course of the last three days I have been doing recruitment at the Urbana conference in Illinois. I have been very pleasantly surprised by the amount of justice and enviromental talk that has been going on. And while I came into the conference excited about recruitment, but not sure what to expect about the conference, I have been pleasantly surprised to the real prophetic voice many have had in front of this crowd of 22’250 people. CRAZY!!
Just a couple of minutes ago, we were greeted with a special message to Urbana from Bono about HIV/AIDS. At the end of his talk he said, “i am not much of a preacher, thanks for listening to me. You know, I’m just a rock star, its my job to make a bunch of noise. But if you hear me, and if this emergency (HIV/AIDS) calls you to action….then drown me out….drown me out.
Bono made several other very prophetic calls to the crowd about our reaction towards this emergency. Saying other things like, “this is our abolitionist moment; this is our civil rights moment”.
Ajith Fernando of YFC in Sri Lanka has been the morning speaker. Tonight we heard from Ray Bakke about urban ministry; that is ministry in the city. It was great. But the most amazing talk i have heard so far was by Oscar Muriu. If you are able to get some of his talk from the evening of 28th, DO IT!!! I’m trying to get it so i can use bits of it. Amazing talk about the shoft of the centers of the church to the global south and what that means for the mission of the church in the west. AMAZING!!
A new goal: to drown him out. Bono…I’m coming for you…I’m coming for you!