The Evangelical Universalist

I’ve been able to get some good reading time in the last few weeks. I’ve been getting something of a broad spectrum of theological, political, and practical reflection. Out of the 10-15 books i received for Christmas as gifts (thanks to all) I am currently reading through one called, “The Evangelical Universalist”. Written under the pseudonym Gregory MacDonald the book has been a much deeper attempt at forming a “bible-centered theology of evangelical universalism”. So far, the book has lived up to its hype and has truly seemed to remain to be a consistent exegete of scripture and especially of the book of Colossians.
I’m only about half way through; however, I’d recommend the book to anyone who is struggling with problem of evil, the traditional doctrine of hell, or the way Church plays a role in living out a realized eschatology that demonstrates that Grace is True.
As with all books i read, I’m not sso sure i reach all the same conclusions as the authors. But it is worth the rea for all learners. Pick it up, let your defenses down, and read to learn not to deconstruct. You might be surprised.

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