Jesus and Hitler: Second Coming

Mike Clawson directed me to this movie. Maybe the title is best. Too bad its not actually a movie or it might be worth seeing in a dumb and dumber kind of way. It is a funny concept clip none the less. Tweet Send to Facebook

Tuesday is for Thomas

I’m starting a new Tuesday blog inspired by Thomas Merton. Merton has had a major role in my life for the last 12 years. At various points, I have read and reread New Seeds of Contemplation and have used A Year With Thomas Merton for several years. Indeed, Merton is one of the more consistent […]

The ‘Other Forum’ that took place in January

While the WEF was taking place in Davos Switzerland, another forum was happening in Nairobi Kenya. The World Social Forum, met…though I am not sure it went nearly as smoothly as the WEF. Adam Ma’anit recounts his experience here, including the time when “The monopoly of catering companies was broken as sellers from nearby areas […]

What a champion!

Tiger’s back on top again for the seventh consecutive time on American soil. Though this time, it wasn’t from the beginning! After starting day three several shots back, Tiger Woods proved he is the man (golf speaking) even when it comes to being behind going into the last day tied for 4th. In a some […]

Choose Leslie Treece

If you can, choose Leslie Treece Photography. You will simply thank yourself. She’s got an artistic vision for the future, and gift to make it come to life. jc Tweet Send to Facebook

Six things you can do to avoid a cold

According to Life Hacker, there are a few things you can do to avoid a cold this year. They are here (along with lots of others suggestions). I’m still waiting to see what Lammert‘s wife Conny suggests. Afterall, she’s the doctor! Try them, lets see how it goes! Good luck at staying well! jc Tweet […]

March for Peace- Virtually

I get a newletter that let me know about a virtual and literal ‘march for peace’ happening today on Washington DC. Why march? “To demand peace and justice in Iraq and the Middle East. The global partnership Avaaz is working to raise a worldwide voice of solidarity through an international virtual march.” In the words […]

Who will get to heaven? Look who has the power now!

Scott McKnight highlighted the recent article in USA Today entitled Saving the E-Word. While i think the article is interesting, the link to another article entitled Who will get into heaven was slightly more telling. The article incorporates the voice of Phyllis Tickle who, very interestingly, points out the importance of the semanitics used when […]

Davos, Jim Wallis, Web 3.0

The World Economic Forum continues to take place in Davos this week and there are few conversations (at least from my perspective) which ought to be making the headlines. What i did not know was that Jim Wallis (of God’s Politics) is participating in one of the sessions. That is, I did not know until […]