Happiness, Wikinomics, and Balance

As we enter into the new year, I’ve already been pretty excited about the things I’ve been reading.
This week’s copy of the Economist has the title “Happiness: and how to measure it” It is a very interesting take on happiness, and includes several sections on a range of topics from “Chattering Classes”; “Jinn”; “I think therefore, I am, I think”; “Postmodernism is the new black”; and “Pentacostalism: Christianity Reborn” to name a few. If you can get a copy of this week’s magazine, go for it. These articles alone are well worth the read!
I also read Wikinomics on the plane ride to Geneva. It is a great read to put alongside The Tipping Point, The Wisdom of Crowds and Freakonomics. These three could make for an interesting class on the importance of harnessing mass collaboration in open systems such that all are benefited. And yes, as many critics say, it will pose an interesting threat to those who are seeking to build wealth, but open system thinking and mass collaboration will, as the author of Wikinomics suggest, “benefit everyone. Especially when its about building culture and global well-being, as well as wealth”.
I was also recommended an artcle entitled Balance is Bunk by my friend Olli Hoeltje. It’s quite and non-convential set of thoughts on the idea of balance. For a while now i have felt as though balance in the west was maybe less what needed to be striven for and that learning to live with tension was much more appropriate for the west as a culture. Maybe balance is just another thing many must hold in tension with “finding deep satisfaction”, as the Economist article suggests, “from losing themselves in their work”.
Where ever you, whatever you do may you ever learn the art of learning, living, and thriving…..