Lammerts, Alans, and Jonnys, OH MY!!

I first heard about Starfish and Spider from Lammert. We’ve been looking at this text as well as discussing the nature of decentralized leadership in structures that are missional quite a bit recently as we have been forming the core team of Shema. Then, just recently, Jonny came out and started talking about it as well as John Smulo. And now (or maybe even and now i found out), Alan Hirsh seems to be discussing it.
Could this be another example of “birds of a feather flocking together”? Yet it hasn’t just been them but several others over the last several months who have in different ways explored it; people like Jase, Paul and Molly. Not to mention Josh Brown and Nicholas Fiedler.
In fact, I have to admit that I’ve done more follwoing than leading on the blogging front when it comes to these things; however, the struggle has been the same: do we need hierarchies of leadership, or not? That is the question!