Let it snow…Let it snow..

So I’ve been absent…well, at least from here.
I have been active as ever in real life here in Geneva. We’re in all sorts of stages. Stages of planning over ski trips and snow camps for students in the international schools in Geneva. Stages of task forcing Altitude (thanks to lammert!! and thats a good thing!!) and YFC Geneva so that our interns and intern prospects from Urbana (click on the Global church audio link. I promise, you’ll be glad!!)can enter more fully into a developed training program. Stages of rioting and praying about riots; riots within us and culture that Jesus should, would, and could start….
Yes, the new year has started…and that ain’t no easy thing. In fact, January-April generally proves to be one of the busiest times of the year for me. What’s the old saying, “we’re on the road again”.
Pray with me friends…yes, pray with me even as the snow begins to fall in Geneva. Yes, even in Geneva (if it doesn’t work, check back during day light Geneva time) the snow has started falling. We thought the force of global warming had grown too strong. We thought the alps were doomed. But alas, streams in the desert…snow on the pistes!
It’s good to be back! It’s good to be back!