Davos, Jim Wallis, Web 3.0

The World Economic Forum continues to take place in Davos this week and there are few conversations (at least from my perspective) which ought to be making the headlines. What i did not know was that Jim Wallis (of God’s Politics) is participating in one of the sessions. That is, I did not know until he told us here.
One of the summaries that i have been looking at is the one on Web 3.0 (Beyond Web 2.0- From Content to Collective Knowledge). As you read through each of the summaries, you really get a sense for the nuggets of gold floating around at this summit.
A couple of the highlights from this session are very practical, very human, and very real. They read:
a. The technology will expand possibilities, but human beings must still figure out how to make good use of everything. Quoting Wired magazine founder Kevin Kelly, Gage said: “Google has the answers. So what are the good questions? That is an art. We had better get the questions right.”
b. New developments will create threats to privacy and, at the same time, opportunities. As machines develop “the ability to talk behind our backs,” said Gage, they will be able to do things like identify the location of a person at any time. “The police will love it and we will love it. It will be a business opportunity.”
c. The virtual reality website Second Life is increasingly being used by businesses and politicians. “It changes how we view human interaction,” said Gage.
It seems to me the more digitial we go, the more we have to use real life to recreate there. I am optimistic about what seems to be the progress of humanity, especially when we start really getting the technology to work for us. I guess the most interesting aspects of this was the brief insight into the development of things like Google One Box for Enterprise. Seems to be a tool for data creation from….well as they put it, unstructured data on the internet. Now that’s real stuff…a program that reads, collects, and creates whole new ideas that make sense from previously unstructured data. Geez, as a person who is high on ideation and input, this is nightmare…what good will i be?
Well, it’s not that good. Here is the Google One Box for Enterprise launch announcement. I guess I am still safe!
Still waiting to see if Bono is gonna show up. He generally does…guess I’ll just have to keep watch!