A tribute to bono…

While many people out there acknowlege that Bono is out to save the world as a rock star, or at least to try to make it a better place. A few people are really trying immortalize him..for better and worse.
Here is a tribute video that someone did. I put this on here because a few of the images really moved me. There is one in particular….it will move you. No question. It’s powerful. I am not sure exactly what all this knowledge does for us. What it does for me. But i do know with knowledge comes responsibility and somehow, each of us who gain knowledge of various things in the world are ultimately responsible with what we do with this knowledge. We must do something. We must work towards reversing the wrongs we know of, towards working for justice..we must..
Thanks Bono. And by the way…i know you don’t read this blog…but i am still going to drown you out!