Remembering my wife…today

laura elle
I had hoped to use yesterday as an ideal opportunity to express my devout love for my wife on this blog…but i missed that chance. And despite the fact that many believe as Nicholas Fiedler points out that ‘much of the story of St. Valentine may be more legend than fact”, I still choose to celebrate it with my wife. To use it as an opportunity (outside of anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions) to remember my love for her.
Rememberance is a key i find to all things special in life. Far too often we go through life just living, just working, just doing and make very little time to step aside and remember the deeper things of life. Things like love, grace, peace, laughter, sorrow, or joy. Yes might say, these emotions and experiences are all good and normal to the human (and possible animal) experience, but why is remembering them so important to you?
For me, rememberance was one of those things that Jesus sought to model for us. Not necessarily just as a thing to do, but as something much more sacremental…much more deliberate and intentional. By stopping to remember things like my love for my wife, i am actually being intentioanl about bringing them to new life in this present moment. The same is true of joy…the moment we pause and seek to remember joy as it was or has present in our lives…isn’t that when we are gifted with an opportunity to bring it into this present moment in a fresh and living way? Like giving a plant a fresh drink of water? Like openning the blinds of our soul that the living rays of light may warm the cold dark places?
Indeed, on this day, i remember what yesterday gifted to me in rememberance….that i am married to a wonderful, loving, compassionate, gifted person. And she, my life-partner, makes me experience life differently or more fully and/or some times a little more maddeningly as we journey together.
And maddness as we all know…is not a bad thing at all! Just ask Plato.
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