A couple of more reasons why i don’t do things with parachutes!

There have been two accidents recently that verify to me again why i will never jump out of planes, off of cliffs (high enough to paraglide) or do anything of the sort….Even if Darryl asked me to go with him!
One is the story of Micheal Holmes in which case, niether the real parachute or the back-up opened. He fell 12-15’000 ft at about 120 mph and luckily, lived. The whole thing was caught on his helmet cam. It was also caught on the helmet cam of his friend who, upon landing next to him asked, “dude…are you ok?” My God, how understated can you get?
The other is a story of a German paraglider who, when practicing for an upcoming competition in Australia, was sucked up into a storm. She was taken up to about 32’000 ft. That, for those of you trying to guess, is the height that many jumbo jets fly at….yeah…read the story.
You have to know though, the article ends with this quote, “Despite frostbite to her legs and ears Ms Wisnierska said she still hopes to compete in the world championships. “Flying is too fantastic to stop because of an accident,” she said.”