Shema Community- Prayer, Rioting, and Mission

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Over the course of the last several months Shema has been growing. Growing in our understanding of community, in our formation of team and vision, and in our understanding of blessing others as we’ve been blessed. Indeed as we have found that we can not help as we grow in our understanding of life in community and in following Jesus, that we must (imperative) grow out. The message and mission of Christ to love God can not and must not be separated from loving others. And, as Rob Bell has said before, if the good news of Christianity is not good news for everyone, its not good news at all.
This weekend we have the opportinity to finish our series on ‘How to Start A Good Riot’. We’ll be looking at “Upsetting the Privileged’. One of the things which has come about this week which has upset some of us within the community (as privileged people) is that Conny Vrieling has answered a call for the need for doctors in Sudan. You can see more of the story on Lammert’s blog.
As a core community (photo above: few people are absent) we spent much of our team gathering on Thursday night praying for and processing with Conny and Lammert. The decision is not to be taken lightly. There have been 11 deaths in the village where she will be going to help over the last couple of days. Please pray for her. And if you can help, email she and Lammert after checking out his site. The irony, the organization that she will be going with, (Make Way Partners) is based in Birmingham Alabama. We asked for prayer in our recent prayer newletter, and had responses from people who worked with/for the organization! Small world! Small world!