Tuesday is for Thomas

This morning Laura and I went to Lammert and Conny’s so that Lammert could drive her to the airport in advance of her trip to the southern Sudan. She had her 22kg backpack stuffed with her food, their meds, and a few clothes. Indeed, this expression of faith shows me once again that real faith (indeed real christ-following in practice) is never without risk. Conny’s decision to move beyond a sanitized expression of loving God and neighbor should be a model for us all.
We pray for her safe travel, for her health, and for the hope of Christ to be present as she serves the people in this region.
Merton writes…
I see more and more that solitude is not something to play with. It is deadly serious. And as much as I have wanted it, I have not been serious enough. Even if you “like” it, it can wreck you, I believe, if you desire it only for your own sake. So I go forward, but i go in fear and trembling, and often with a sense of lostness, and trying to be careful what i do because I am beginning to see that every false step is paid for dearly. Hence, I fall back on prayer, or try to. But to fool around bring awful desolation. When one is trifling, even the beauty of the solitary life becomes implacable. Solitude is a stern mother who brooks no nonsense.
The question arises: am I so full of nonsense that she will cast me out? I pray not….