The shows we watch…

I am not one who generally blogs about things like ‘the shows i watch’; however, I am finding it somewhat inescapeable at this time. Why you ask?
Well, let’s start with Seinfeld. My affair with the crew began many many years ago. To this day i have still yet to find a show to match its artistic vision and comedic genius. While i am currently missing the new hit called ‘The Office’ (US version not UK) i am sure it barely rivals.
Second to Seinfeld was a Northern Exposure. I was first introduced by my original mentor and great friend Morgan Morrow. Morrow has always preserved a great depth of influence in my life. While i did not really understand the show to begin with, he stuck with me. And I stuck with the show. And now…it still amazes me.
Then, after Northern Exposure, came my first married series….Dah dah dah….enter Alias. Yep Jennifer Garner was a ‘hot greek chick’ (as my friend Olli says) and Laura loved her right away. Her James Bond-like moves and 5’000 USD wigs really captured our hearts. It was only in the last two weeks that we completed the series…yep we finished it…and its over…ahhhh. Good for you Ben…good for you.
And now….Grey’s Anatomy. Yeah…its got us. Not like Alias or Seinfeld…but its got us. Gently and warmly with a weird humor and a sense of depth…it has us. We’re through season one and almost finished with two. Season three is currently playing….we’ll have to wait for the dvds cause we don’t get it here en Suisse. But George..what a guy! What a guy!
Maybe our lives were never meant to be so wrapped up in artificial drama. But it seems with us, drama is all around. I often wonder if our lives and actions were recorded if they’d make it to the mainstream media. Probably not…but i guess that’s good. But wait…aren’t these stories real…you mean…wait…they are not real stories….not real people…not real…