The Tomb of Jesus’ clan..and body?

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Soon, there will be a new documentary for people to scream about, laugh at, call into question, and say all kinds of nasty things about. It will be the Da Vinci code on history. The bones and tombs put to film like the Titanic. History brought to life or fictiomentary of epic proportions. It will be, I believe, a further opportunity for people who have often wondered about Christianity to ask, can i follow this Jesus?
There is a pretty good conversation on Jesus Creed going on (or was) and there is also a good article in this week’s Newsweek magazine.
There is this article on the BBC, this one on CNN, and this feed from Trailrank to help with finding other articles.
Whether or not these are in fact the bones of Jesus or the tomb of Jesus’ ‘clan’ as is being called is interesting to think about. It doesn’t for me effect my choice to try to do life in the Way or community of Jesus. For others it might.
For years and years Christianity has sought to stand by its claims and evidence (that demands a verdict) of not finding the tomb of Jesus (or bones) that he had in fact resurrected (reductionistic, i know). The challenge for Christian community today is as real as ever when it comes to the things that science, archeological findings, and new information can give to us; namely, the challenge is: is the way of Jesus still the Way worth following, still a means to new life, and still worth giving yourself (and family) to no matter what comes to new light. Is that Jesus who communities of faith have followed and that gave shape to what Rodney Stark calls, “The Victory of Reason” still the rabbi worth following?
I pray for those whose fear makes them want to justify their beliefs with facts and exact science of all kinds. Whether these are merely religious or merely scientific beliefs. As Ken Wilber, points out in his book “A Brief History of Everything” (a paraphrase) the real challenge in the world today is to infuse the practice of science with a deep practice of religion, to infuse the practice of religion with a deep practice/appreciation of science.
At some point, we must get beyond the merely literalistic approach to ‘word’ and allow the Spirit of the Word to be more mysterious and even more worthy of following than we ever imagined. After all, even turns out to be false, is it still worth following?
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