Seriously good conversations…

I wanted to take a blog as i do often, and highlight a couple of what I am going to start labeling (as if it is necessary) ‘seriously good conversations’. They may not seem like conversations that everyone wants to be involved with; however, to me, they are really important conversations which seem to be authentic, redemptive in approach, or/and fresh in their expression.
Today, I want to highlight three:
Paul Mayers’ An exclusive inclusive Christ, and subsequently, Restoring my humanity: personal experiences of Jesus as way/truth/life…
Nicholas Fiedler’s (A)gnosticism, Part I- Is it even worth thinking about & (A)gnosticism: Part II- What is in a name?
Josh Brown’s Reimagining Capitalism Series. I wish had the funds to hire Josh to do headers for all the series i think up…But hey, you can’t have everything. But maybe he can do a “seriously good conversations” header for me;)
Read. Listen. Engage.