Tuesday is for Thomas

Thomas pondered on March 6, 1949

Every book that comes out under my name is a new problem. To begin with, every one brings with it an immense examination of conscience.
Every book I write is a mirror of my own character and conscience. I always open the final printed job with a faint hope of finding myself agreeable, and never do I.
The passion and precious Blood of Christ are too little in this new book(Seeds of Contemplation)-only hinted at here and there. Therefore the book is cold and cerebral. WHat is the good of trying to teach people to love God without preaching through Christ’s wounds? The reason I do not so is beacuse I am still selfish. I find myself thinking about what we ought to get for dinner in Lent; about how to distribute signed complimentary copies of delu edition of this book. I should never have gone into such a thing as boxed special editions. I must be nuts.