Tuesday was for Thomas (yesterday for Lusmarina)

No, I did not miss ‘Tuesday is for Thomas’. Instead, I had an encounter with Lusmarina Campos-Garcia. As the pastor of the English-speaking Evangelical Lutheran Church of Geneva...she knows her stuff.
Pastor Lusmarina is an expert in worship and movement, and she is considered one of the most creative people in that field. She has worked all over the world with many different ecumenical institutions and events. She produced a ballet called “Peace to the City” as a contribution to the Decade to Overcome Violence with the World Council of Churches.

She visited our team yesterday at YFC and gave us a real treat of conversation. It all started with the statement, “In Latin America, we do not do theology without embracing”. From there, it was all, as one intern for YFC said, “englightening”.
Lusmarina was a treat! So here are a few thoughts from this lawyer turned Lutheran Pastor and liberation theologian from Brazil. Enjoy!
” When we are comfortable in our faith…we are done!”
“All theology must be born out of a specific context of faith”
“Every church ought to be a copassionate community willing to accept or take in whoever comes along because God’s love is big enough to encompass it all!”
“The most fundamental fact of life is not that you (or anyone else) is a sinner, but that we all have a compassionate, loving God”
Wish you could have all been there! If you are ever in Geneva, she is person to meet!