Zen for Christians!?

This is a book I will hopefully get the chance to read soon. With so much going going going in the world today, I hope this book will give a bit of a different insight into Christian spirituality in the world today. And while i recognize that this topic is nothing new for many, I guess I am finally coming to recognize a real need for exploration in this way.
The Nuts / A Progressive Christian Blog has highlighted this book entitled Zen for Christians (by Kim Boykin). It sounds interesting.
My friend Morgan would say to me often in years past that if we could figure out how to allow Zen to truly influence the Way of Jesus, it would be like getting a sports car for our road of faith as opposed to what many settle for in riding the tricycle we’re all given as kids. Who knows, maybe he was right afterall 😉
Looking forward to the read. Any thoughts on this out there?