Children See and Do

Recently I had a mother from Geneva send me this video under the title- ‘Very True’. At first, i thought, ‘ok- maybe I’ll watch it but it probably another silly video’. Now, I am glad i watched as it is…very true!

There is another interesting conversation happening at Jason’s Clark’s blog based on a post by Dean around the question of whether youth are ’emerging’ as well. In my first response you can see my thoughts; however, i think this video says some of the same things!
What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Children See and Do

  1. For a long time there has been a remarkable saying that has lodged itself firmly in my mind… part taunt, part challenge, part dream:
    “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” (Paul, in I Cor 11:1)
    I may long for the day when I can step forward with confidence in my community, ready to echo this because my life is all that it should be… all the crap has been cleaned out and I am ready to be open and on display. But my daughter is not going to wait a week, a year, a lifetime for me to get it figured out. She’s going to follow someone today, and so am I. The question isn’t “if” – it’s just “who”.

  2. good call darryl.
    I think we all follow someone. We always have, we always will. But part of the question for me is not merely ‘how’ are forming them, but in many ways how is our life of faith adding or removing certain elements from their lives which so intricately formed us?
    The how we form children i guess is tied to the things we are reacting to from our own childhood, or faith upbringing, right?

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