The Conversation Over There..

As you may have seen, or not, I have been a part of discussion over at Jason Clark’s blog on “Ethical Good News’. It has been a good conversation with several different voices involved. I would highly recommend you take the time to read through some of the things being said there..and respond when/if you are able.
In a similar vein I wanted to take the time to highlight a story i came across via a friend. It is an article about some churches in Sydney that posted the below sign outside. It turns out, it has caused quite a conflict among some of the press and parishioners of the area.
My friend, Ian, when telling me about this article made a comment to the effect, that this upheaval was just further evidence of how the message of Jesus isn’t always the messsage Christians want to hear. For years it has been..for years the itching ears were given what they wanted to hear…but not so much any longer.
I know it sounds scary to some people, but i think this is great news!! Jesus really was about upseting the privileged, the religious…the normal!