Missing Video Blog…and preparation for Kosova

Well, I missed a video blog yesterday (Wednesday)…ahhhhhhhhh.
Yeah, yeah I know i heard it from here. But things have been slammed lately. With our preparations for Kosova well under way, and our departure date a mere three days away…time has been in rather short supply.
And while i am not really feeling antsy about the trip, these things do build up. Think about it: 50+ young people, on a bus, for 28+ hours, en route to Kosova…yeah if you are not a youth worker..you are probably at this point thinking..what the he+)(*&&()_ are you thinking.
Well, we’re thinking it matters and it will change things. Time will tell how much, but these trips always change things: leaders, students, the place where we go, their leaders, their students. Yep, change happens.
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Thanks for tuning in here…and do tune in there!
This is a little Ben Harper..and the theme song if you will for SP07.