Something is going on…

This afternoon, my friend Todd and Lammert decided we would get out for a little fresh air before I head off to Kosovo. It was a mild day, so we thought, and we would easily be able to meet late afternoon and hit a few balls around the course.
As we teed off on the first hole, we saw a few clouds in the distance. Within 20 minutes, the thunder was on top of us…yes, thunder in geneva. That is rare…very rare. So, we headed back inside to wait it out. Thirty minutes later…no good, still raining.
It has been a couple of hours since that first mild thunderstorm came through, and now…now….it is snowing!! What in the heck is going on? It is snowing!
In the immortal words of my friend Eric, ‘I don’t know much about all the science of global warming, but something is going on…and its wrong!’
I’d have to agree, something wrong is going on here!

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