Visitors, friends, and photos oh my!

Over the next few days our friends Nicholas and Leslie are visiting us from the USA. We met Nicholas and Leslie…well actually, I guess we met them through a few different internet communities we were a part of. Over time, we began ichatting and calling regularly. Now, after having spent New Year’s Eve with them […]

Seriously good conversations…

Here are a few good conversations from this week. A couple of them are quite deep/intense/mind boggling/important. And again, I am amazed at the way there are always threads within the broader blogosphere that find themselves together! Paul Mayer’s We are all heretics now… Scot McKnight’s- Christianity For the Rest of Us 2 Ryan Dueck’s […]

What would you change?

Here is another video from my friend Jeff Semple. He is on the streets of Kansas City asking “what would you change about your life?” and “what do you dream about that would surprise most people who know you?” what would you change? jc Tweet Send to Facebook

More on Vonnegut and our role(s) on Earth

In further honor of Kurt Vonnegut and yesterday’s celebration of both World Book and Copyright Day and Earth Day, here is a blog by Lori Harfenist. She does a great job of representing Vonnegut and, well, Vonnegut does a great job of representing himself. Enjoy! jc Tweet Send to Facebook

Tuesday is for Thomas

Merton wrote: Yesterday I was sitting in the woodshed reading and little wren suddenly hopped up onto my shoulder and then onto the corner of the book while I was reading and paused a second to take a look at me before flying away. There is something you cannot know about a wren by cutting […]

A First BBQ Party

Here is quick photo slideshow of a party we had this weekend. The photos are not representative of all who were there, or all who we wanted to be there. Nevertheless, here are some photos. You can see a few more on Darry’s blog. Tweet Send to Facebook

Voices about Virginia

Here is a compilation of voices concerning the shootings in Virginia (USA) last week. Tragedy almost always brings good reflection. Brian McLaren’s Sorrow Can Make Us Better, Not Bitter Shane Claiborne’s When Voilence Kills Itself Camel’s Nose on Apophenia, the Virginia Tech shootings and the Discordian “23 enigma” Imaginif’s Words to Explain Feelings Following Virginia […]