Visitors, friends, and photos oh my!

Over the next few days our friends Nicholas and Leslie are visiting us from the USA.
We met Nicholas and Leslie…well actually, I guess we met them through a few different internet communities we were a part of. Over time, we began ichatting and calling regularly. Now, after having spent New Year’s Eve with them in Birmingham Alabama, they are visiting us here in Geneva.
It’s great to have them here. The next few days they’ll be getting quite an overview of Geneva and getting to spend some good time with us as we go about every day life. Tomorrow we’ll spend lots of time with the Vrielings, and the Shema community.
Here are a couple of photos I took today while we were about:
jet d'eau
Nicholas, Leslie, and Laura
NIcholas Leslie 2
Stay tuned for more stories, lots of laughter, and more photos of this adventure!

Seriously good conversations…

Here are a few good conversations from this week. A couple of them are quite deep/intense/mind boggling/important. And again, I am amazed at the way there are always threads within the broader blogosphere that find themselves together!
Paul Mayer’s We are all heretics now…
Scot McKnight’s- Christianity For the Rest of Us 2
Ryan Dueck’s The Elephant in the Room
Mike Clawson’s bit on the One Campaign. Great overview and why!
Josh Brown’s pointing to ‘When Jesus Said Love Your Enemies we Think He Probably Meant ‘Don’t Kill Them”
Oh, and other events of important notice this week: Happy Anniversary to Nicholas and Leslie and, Happy Birthday to Lammert and Conny Vrieling (and of course we must remember he is only 90 minutes older;0)

A New Shema Series and More

In the next few weeks we’ll be starting a new series at Shema which we feel has some pretty important implications for how we do life with others in Geneva.
Lammert has been blogging about them here a little and you can follow the Shema blog as well.
I’d also like to add this song as a bit of a teaser/taster for where we’ll be headed. Thanks again to our patron Saint.


Tuesday is for Thomas

Merton wrote:
Yesterday I was sitting in the woodshed reading and little wren suddenly hopped up onto my shoulder and then onto the corner of the book while I was reading and paused a second to take a look at me before flying away.
There is something you cannot know about a wren by cutting it open in a laboratory and that you can know only if it remains fully and completely a wren, itself, and hops on your shoulder if it feels like it.
A tame animal is already invested with a certain falsity by its tameness. By becoming what we want it to be, it takes a disguise that we decided to impose upon it.
I want not only to observe but to know living things, and this implies a dimension of primordial familiarity that is simple and primitive and religious and poor. This is the reality I need, the vestige of God in His creatures.