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As you will know, you can really follow the porjects that I am involved with the is week over at the Interyouth blog; however, I wanted to take a couple of moments and post here as well.
As you may remember, I did a video blog over at Jason Clark’s site a while back on ‘Ethical good news’. The conversation was great, and the interaction fun, but this week I am experiencing a bit of the reality of the world of developing economies and strucutures that I hadn’t experienced to this degree before. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some of this before..but it feels a bit different this time.
Maybe it is the post war nature of the place? Maybe it is the Albanian culture? Maybe it is Islam? It is a deep sense of good discomfort, and I am glad i am experiencing it.
Couple of messages that keep coming up:
1. What the media by in large has presented about much of the situation here, is disconnected from the reality of what is actually going on.
2. Hospitality is a gift and to be a guest, an honor
3. We must be diligent in putting ourselves into situations that will stretch us to experience the realities of others. If we do not, we will only live in the world of the pretend West. People need to know, as some would say, ‘how the other half lives’, and that is one thing i am excited about doing!
These young people are great. Responding well to difficult conversations, experiences and cultural misunderstandings. But they press on. As we all must, and seek to plot goodness as we go! Afterall, if humanity must prioritize, then we must seek to prioritize the actions of good for all.

One thought on “Kosovo thoughts so far

  1. Not sure about the world of the pretend west, bud. There are challenges to living a life pleasing to God in a culture and community torn by war, by ethnic division, and by poverty. There are also challenges to living a life pleasing to God in a culture and community dominated by wealth, prestige, and power.
    I’m not saying they have it easy, but I know only that in my own life, some of the most difficult times in some emotional and physical regards have been some of the easiest in others… trusting God becomes a pretty attractive option when it’s the only one you can see.
    I think the challenges are different in each, but I would be pretty careful before I pronounced a “winner”. Getting the camel through the eye of a needle can be a pretty tall order.

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