Back and moving….

HI to all-
Sorry for the absence. The trip to Kosova was a great experience for all. But i truly missed this part of my everyday existence.
What you may not have know; however, was that as soon as we returned, we began a move into a new apartment. Yep, we’re crazy. Fortunately, a couple friends from Shema helped me surprise Laura by moving a great deal of all the big stuff while we were away! This has made the move a little easier.
So, we’re back, and moving. We have another Shema gathering tonight, which i can not wait to be back to as well! Should be a good one. We are experimenting again with several different elements. Watch for stories here.
Looking forward to connecting back this week, and sorry for all the junk responses on my blog. I want to keep ‘comments open’, but they keep getting in!
anyway..see you around…