Combatting a neighborhood near you!

The reality is, corruption happens! Whether or not we know where or when or for how long it has gone on may be as much a part of the system we find oursleves in as it is its’ hiddenness in plain sight.
Over the course of my time in Kosova, I had several conversations with people about the corruption of systems which had/were in place in many of the countries along our path. Simple corrution which was arrogantly used and religiously applied to make life simpler for those passing through but which inevitably kept the locals under the control of ‘the other’.
For instance, while i know it is a common occurance in many countries to pay bribes of all sorts, at what point in the process do people who visit emerging economies quit paying bribes? Sure, and extra ten euro here or there isn’t much to let the trouble pass. Yet when the bribe amounts to more about 1/10th of the local monthly income, do we wonder what that does to the locals who can not afford the bribes? What it does to the people who want to be freed from ‘the other’ yet who can not because formally and informally people pay into the systems of oppression and percieved control of ‘the other’
At the end of the day, corruption happens on many levels in every economy. Knowing where and when it happens means becoming part of those systems. Maybe that means becoming grassroots politicians. Maybe that means looking at areas where underprivilege exists and getting involved there. Maybe it means looking at where underprivilege exists, and getting involved in the priveleged places.
Do you know where and when and why corruption it is happening in your part of the world? Do you care? Would you make a difference if you could? Maybe the chorus of this song is God’s request of us…’Tell me that you’ll open your eyes, Tell me that you’ll open your eyes, Tell me that you’ll open your eyes….’
Stand up! Speak out! Change things!! Why: Because change matters…and so do they!