Seriously….is it that bad? Or that different?

Two bits of news came out in Switzerland the last few days which seem really interesting to me. In fact, they both seem to be sending contradictory messages. But hey, maybe its just me.
Story #1- Nestle is sending out free bars of Chocolate to 95% of the Swiss population. Yep, thats right, over 7’147’000 bars of choclate. People love the idea! They think its great. Especially Nestle, who sees it as a great opportunity to spread the word on thier product. I’m ok with it. If they have that kind of marketing budget…why not.
Story #2- From January 2008 all packs of cigarettes sold in Switzerland (like in some other European countries) will be required to have photos on them. And these are not nearly as nice as the labels on them now which read ‘Smoking cigarettes will kill you’. They are pretty in your face. For a fuller presentation of these here!
SO here is my question: why on earth would we be happy about the sending out of free chocolate to loads of people and yet, if i got a free package of smokes in the mail..well that would be wrong?
Yeah yeah, smoking is different from candy you would say, but there are loads of people out there who abuse chocolate more than those who abuse cigarettes. (And i note there are even support groups for people addicted to candy.)But we’re not putting bans on eating chocolate with coffee are we? No, we’re quite fine with the middle of the road addictions like coffee and chocolate or…we’ll you name your indulgence.
At the end of the day, i know that there is a difference. I guess I just wonder how we choose to combat the more than just the ‘gross’ evils of consumption and we get to the heart of consumption as a whole.

One thought on “Seriously….is it that bad? Or that different?

  1. You know I think it all has to do with being selfish. . . really people don’t like smoking because they think it is stinky. . . if chocolate smelt like crap (follow me on this one) but it tasted the same and still wasn’t good for you if consumed in massive quantities. . . then people would probably point out the health problems more because they didn’t want to be around anyone eating something like chocolate. Smoking has become uncool because people don’t want it done around them. . . in ‘their space’ it is invading on them and people want things that are only theirs. . even air. Ehhh?

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