Seriously good conversations…

Here are a few good conversations from this week. A couple of them are quite deep/intense/mind boggling/important. And again, I am amazed at the way there are always threads within the broader blogosphere that find themselves together!
Paul Mayer’s We are all heretics now…
Scot McKnight’s- Christianity For the Rest of Us 2
Ryan Dueck’s The Elephant in the Room
Mike Clawson’s bit on the One Campaign. Great overview and why!
Josh Brown’s pointing to ‘When Jesus Said Love Your Enemies we Think He Probably Meant ‘Don’t Kill Them”
Oh, and other events of important notice this week: Happy Anniversary to Nicholas and Leslie and, Happy Birthday to Lammert and Conny Vrieling (and of course we must remember he is only 90 minutes older;0)

One thought on “Seriously good conversations…

  1. what do you mean ‘only 90 minutes older’?? Why don’t you stand on your head for 90 minutes and you’ll know how long 90 minutes really is.

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