Become aware and take action!

Here is a video advert I saw online this morning. Quite touching if you really think about it. Quite horrible if you think about it longer. Quite maddening. Quite wrong. Quite evil. jc Tweet Send to Facebook

An important movie and clip

This is a clip i had forgotten about. But it is certainly one of the best, most philosophic clips of all times. It just simply combines so much! Watch it. Listen. And think. be who you are meant to be…. jc Tweet Send to Facebook

Tuesday is for Thomas

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! THIS IS A PRETTY SERIOUS EVALUATION OF AMERICA WRITTEN IN 1967. FRIGHTENINGLY, IT COULD HAVE BEEN WRITTEN TODAY ABOUT AMERICA AND SEVERAL OTHER COUNTRIES! Merton writes: Yesterday I dipped into the manuscript that Julia Miller at Harcourt, Brace & World wanted me to comment on- nuns used as whores by Viet Cong […]

Time with family

As i mentioned a few posts back, I’ve spent some time with my dad and step mom the last couple of weeks as they have been visiting. Among other things, it has been good to get out and have an excuse to take photos..lots of photos. Here are a few from Lauterbrunnen and Lucern in […]

Good ‘action’ video

I found this video put out by Avaaz entitled ‘Stop the Clash of Civilizations’. I have blogged about Avaaz before here concerning their March on Washington. This is really good stuff. Enjoy and take action! jc Tweet Send to Facebook

Seriously good conversations…

Here are a few SGCs to think on. Not as many, but definately plenty to think about! Allelon’s ‘Missional Life Emerges in the Local Church’ Nicholas Fiedler’s ‘Brian McLaren, Worship, Industry’ John Smulo’s ‘Looking Into the Closet’ Last and certainly not the least: Paul Mayer’s ‘Towards an emerged church: thoughts on how deep church can […]

Brian McLaren on Worship

Thanks so much to Nicholas for this! I’ve been traveling the last couple of days, without internet, and it was great to come back to Geneva and see this! Thanks Nicholas! More on travels later! jc Tweet Send to Facebook

U2 Rocks Cannes Film Festival

U2 played a quick conert in Cannes this afternoon for the release of thier ‘3D’ video. Supposedly, its amazing. But hey, when you’ve seen them live and close…there is not much better! Read more here. enjoy….jc Tweet Send to Facebook