Tuesday is for Thomas

Who can comprehend or explain the mystery of what it means to awaken one’s own reality as an existential consequence of the fact that we are loved by Reality Itself? To see, in a contact too close for images or for concepts, and to understand in a vision too intimate to reach out to an object beyond itself, that our actuality is a spark in the infinite blaze of Pure Act Who is God….
Adam saw clearly that God was all and that nothing else mattered. All things were beautiful and good, but only when they were seen and loved in Him. All things were Adam’s because Adam belonged to God- that is, belonged to Freedom. It was as if Truth, Love, Freedom, Power, Joy, Ecstasy had all been given to man to be his very being, his very nature. The superb transcendant actuality of these great gifts was, of course, all above man’s nature. They were given to him to be his super-nature, for man, the child of God, was created to be in the highest sense a superman. He was to live, in fact, as a god.

Thomas Merton, The New Man, 1961