Birthdays and a brush with greatness!

Yesterday i had a very weird experience! I was walking through Geneva with Lammert and couple of friends who are visiting when right in front of me walked Kofi Annan.
At first sight, i paused. Was it really him? No gaurds. Alone? Walking in Geneva on a sunny afternoon? In my hand i had my Nikon D50 with 70/300 lens so, it went through my mind, should i be paparazziand just start clicking photos? Should i say hello? Should i point him out to the others now or wait? I was paralyzed and my heart fluttered. What in the heck was wrong with me? Well, i thought, this is Kofi Annan…
As we walked closer the ‘what I would say came to me’…but should i say it? Should i say, excuse me secretary general, I just wanted to say thank you for the great job you did in leading the UN..and I can I also say, I am sorry for the way that my home country didn’t support you and your initiatives in the ways they could have? You did a great job. And i just wanted to say thanks!Should I say it? Should I let it pass…….
And then, he passed us. Brushed by if you will. On his way. Sure, I pointed him out to the others, but i did not say a thing.
Looking back I am little sad i didn’t say anything. But then again, maybe next time. After all, now that he has a place in Geneva and will be spending a little more time here working on his new initiative maybe there will be other chances. Other opportunities to chat. And who knows, maybe by then, I’ll be ready…and so will he.
In other news, today is my wife’s birthday. Yep, another year has passed and I think, it’s been a good for her. At least that what she tells me. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WIFE! I LOVE YOU!