‘Christian’ in all sorts, colors, and practices- Part 2

Last week I posted a part one of this and had not intended to do another part. However, as I read through the week, there were quite a few things that interested me about how others in the blogsphere and my community were wresting at the same time with some similar stuff.
Case #1 – Mike Clawson and The O Project. Yeah yeah, I highlighted this under Seriously good conversations, but really. This is good stuff. It highlights the ethical side of life that is centered in a non-religious atmosphere but…committed to doing things that are, I believe centered as well in the things of God. Things that God cares about.
Case #2- Link- the aupair connect. Link is one of the initiatives of the organization I help facilitate in Geneva. Link works with au pairs through the region providing support, care, and the opportunity to explore faith in Jesus in community with others. Each of these happen in their own right. Subject one to another.
An au pair recent let the lead team know that during one of their movie nights, she had an encounter with love and God and decided she wanted to know more about following God in the way they were folling God. Really, they were shocked. She told them several weeks after she had her experience…Anyway, she had been a part of an initiative called Straight Edge. I had not heard of it, but please read about it here. Seems really interesting.
The point of case 2 is this, the pendulum of Straight Edge takes you to the extreme of everything while not proporting (it seems) one religion as key over the others. Like a heavy metal rock culture version of alcoholics anonymous, it seems to help people who need firm boundaries set firm, what I would consider ‘extreme’ boundaries. Again, while the ‘extreme’ of things may not be the case, the act of setting boundaries and being formed by a set of principles for living in the world that are healthy for you, and for community is deep. It is rich. Isn’t part of what the church is meant to be about in the world? Not legalism, but helping people set healthing habits for living in the world that are more constructive than destructive?
Case #3(s) Nicholas Fiedler’s Good News or Gospel. Again, case and point. Good things happening which may or may not be what we have know to typically be ‘gospel’. But aren’t they ‘good news’ to celebrate?
I am not sure if this is taking us anywhere, but its worth the wrestle for me. Worth the jeez look at the ways that God is using people and organizations that wouldn’t necessarily claim God to bring about the kinds of change in people’s lives that is necessary, good, and constructive. Maybe I am just looking for something to celebrate. Or maybe my vision is off?
What thinks ye?

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  1. In Georgia/Alabama StraightEdge kids will beat the crap out of you if they catch you smoking or drinking. . . possibly cussing too, they scared me.

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