Drew Barrymore, documentaries, and the World Food Programme

I have to admit it, my wife knows it, and I’m happy to talk about it: I’ve always liked Drew Barrymore. Maybe this isn’t going to win me any cool points, but i thought she was the best of the Charlies Angels, I thought she was a star in ET, and well, Riding in Cars with Boys made me cry. Yep, I like her.
And now… i have a reason to talk about it because Drew is teaming up with the World Food Programme. As the offical ‘Ambassador Against Hunger’, Drew says she has finally found something to be passionate about and she is making every effort to raise awareness and make change happen.
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If you don’t know about the WFP, here are a few facts:
-they spend on 7% of donations on administration,
-last year, the WFP fed 19.4 million children in 71 countries through school feeding programs,
-the WFP proports that they work with people who ‘who don’t have any food, (and) boil stones in the hope that their children will fall to sleep while waiting for their “supper” to cook.
But helping the WFP isn’t all Drew is doing. She has also does documentary film making. Recently she released a film on voting and will also release one on the worldwide hunger dilemma after her work with the WFP in Kenya.
This will be interesting to watch. After all, to say this, one needs to be in it for the long haul..we can hope at least.
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