Four Years Today

Today Laura and I celebrate four years of marriage together. Unfortunately, she is in Oklahoma, en route to Denver for her brothers wedding, and I am here in Brussels. As we were reflecting together the last couple of weeks on this year and the last several years of our marriage, we’ve made several concrete decisions […]

Brussels, Children’s Books, and Leadership

Over the next few days my blogging maybe more sporadic. Maybe not, but maybe so. I am spending the next three days in Brussels with a few other people working in ministry in the European context. Maybe I can share more later…but for now, that’ll just serve as a teaser. I’ll also be staying on […]

Sign-up for engage today!!!

Just another plug. We’re all working hard here on enabling people to engage with the city! Lots of projects are coming together and we are confirming partners and projects with lots of support from the community. As an association, movement and initiative…engage is coming to life! For instance, we have help from: Rohan Throssel, golf […]

Seriously good conversations…

A few seriously good conversations from this week. Thoughts for the week to come. Global South Anglican Blog’s interview with Rowan Williams Greg Boyd’s Determinism is Ugly Peter Rollins ‘Is this for Real?’ MIke Todd’s ‘Christology’ Fernando Gros’ ‘Untouchability And Glocalisation’ Guy Kawasaki’s ‘The Art of Creating a Community’ Andrew Roger’s “Reading Scripture in Congregations: […]

Prayer for Simple Way community and those in its ‘parish’

Yesterday, a fire consumed several of the buildings of the Simple Way community. You can read about it here. Many of us first heard about this community via one of its leaders, Shane Claiborne‘s book ‘Irresistable Revolution’. A definate must read. While as a ‘simple’ community they do not place a very high value on […]

An Uncle

Early this am, I became an uncle (again). This time, it was my brother’s wife (Selena) who had the baby. Get ready, because this is going to happen a few more times this summer! Not to mention the friends who will name me honorary ‘uncle’…joshing… congrats to us! jc ps. thanks to james for posting […]

Tuesday is for Thomas, Time, and Training

Thomas Merton once wrote, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” I agree. And in many ways i think life is like art. Especially when we are giving our time to the service of others. This morning at our weekly prayer and training time at YFC Geneva, Lammert led […]

Shema, Hares, and an Angel

What a Sunday it was… At Shema we discussed and explored the story of Moses and Joshua. Retelling it to each other in community was a rich learning experience. Lammert then led us through an exploration of our own timeline, thinking about our personal stories in the context of: transitions, key lessons, critical incidents, and […]