Rating Churches?

Helen has posted a blog at jasonclark’s site about a new system for rating churches around the world. Put together by Jim Henderson and Off the Map, the system allows people from inside or outside the church to rate them. It’s called ‘Church Rater’.
Helen asks some good questions on the blog. Part of me says ‘watch out’ because i have the feeling it could become one of those pastoral competitions. You know, where on sunday you might hear: “so get online vote and lets make sure the world knows we are a great community for Jesus”.
Alternatively, i see the value if votes for non-christians count more. You know, if they have particpated in a church and had a bad experience, their ‘i felt completely judged and unaccepted’ ought to count for more than a person from within the church who says, ‘the church meets all my needs’.
Maybe it’s wrong? Maybe it’s just another way of measuring things that don’t need to be measured? Your thoughts? Here, or there…