Seriously good conversations…

Here are a couple of conversations that made me laugh or, that i enjoyed following this week. They are not all funny, just like me;) I did need a little bit of lighter stuff this week as we had two major fundraising events on Friday and Saturday. They were good, but there was quite a bit of busyness going into them.
Enjoy and reflect:
The Tall Skinny on ‘Offensive language: I Think My Mother Taught Me’
Josh Brown’s honest reflection at ‘I’m Back’
Thinking Outside the Bunn’s ‘memorial tournament’s fashion critic’. All I can say is LUCKY!!!!!
Greg Boyd on ‘why i hate war’
SmuloSpace’s “Questioning the logic of not drinking’.
And last but certainly not least: PrezVid’s ‘More mouths, more babes’. Wisdom of youth?

2 thoughts on “Seriously good conversations…

  1. John-
    not to worry man. Thanks for your honest reflective, and thought provoking site. Truly, you give good attention to good things. Also, know that we are grieving with you at this time. Thanks for your reflections on that as well.
    part of your community..

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