G8 summit: more than just riots and anarchy!?

I’ve been following the various stories about the rioting at the gathering of the G8. As experienced in Geneva a couple of years back, these gatherings always bring collateral damage to the cities where they are hosted. But why? Why is it so violent? Why are the protestors so passionate? Is this the way? Will the protestors accomplish what they are looking for?
In surfing around youtube, I found this very interesting video. It reminds me very much of V for Vendetta. Very interesting and…well…in some ways, inspiring?

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “G8 summit: more than just riots and anarchy!?

  1. Great questions about the G8 protesters. Having just been in Rostock for the demo, I can say the violent demonstrators are a minority up there. Obviously, however, there were some just looking for a fight. They tend to steal the headlines.
    Anyone looking for a sort of mosaic of what’s happening up there should check out:

  2. thanks for the post and the place for updates. Amazing what steals headlines i think. but then again, society does feel pretty hungry for violence, even if its all we get fed!
    again, thanks for the update.

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