Tuesday is for Thomas

Merton wrote:
There is no such thing as a prayer in which ‘nothing is done’ or ‘nothing happens,’ although there may well be a prayer in which nothing is perceived or felt or thought. All real interior prayer, no matter how simple it may be, requires the conversion of our whole self to God, and until this has been achieved-either actively by our own efforts or passively by the action of the Holy Spirit-we do not enter into ‘contemplation’ and we cannot safely relax our efforts to establish contatct with God.
The turing of our whole self to God can not be achieved only by deep and sincere and simple faith, enlivened by a hope which knows that contact with God is possible, and love which desires above all to do his will. For if we can, by God’s grace, turn ourselves entirely to Him, and put aside everything else in order to speak with Him and worship Him, this does not mean that we can always imagine Him or feel His presence. Neither imagination nor feeling are required for a full conversion of our whole being to God.
The ‘eye’ which opens to His presence is in the very center of our humility, in the very heart of our freedom, in the very depths of our spiritual nature. Meditation is the opening of this eye.