Current travelings…

As you may or may not know, I am currently in America attending a yearly summer training in YFC called Summer Institute. Here as both observer and trainer for the interns coming to Geneva, it has been a great experience so far in as much as, I have met some interesting people and been part of some great conversations.
For instance, yesterday I was able to participate in a conversation with several of the people on the City Life and Teen Parents teams. It was a good conversation. They were throwing around terms like ‘holistic’ and ‘expression’ and ‘development’. It was good as one who has by and large been away from the USA side of the organization for some time to hear these words being used in a similar way that I would use them.
Here is how City Life describes itself:
Picture 4.png
My time here has been good so far. I am listening, watching, and hoping to see how the organization in America is reacting or responding to the various new inputs of theology, development, and globalization. Indeed, nothing in America can stand alone in itself. All things are connected, and this is a good thing for the world to realize…especially when one thinks they can stand alone… YFC, politics, global warming, G8, and even the practice of our belief in God are necessarily linked. How we inform each other is what relationship is all about. How we listen, paramount.
More later….