Please consider joining us for our week of engagement. Below is the promo video, and here is the link to the website where you can sign-up for the week. Again, join us for engage during the 8-15 of July!
If you are interested in coming to Geneva from abroad for this week, or if you think you’d like to bring a group from your part of the globe, let us know! We’d be happy to help facilitate this, if you are happy to help us engage the city in which we live, work, laugh, and play.


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  1. Hello Joshua – thanks for highlighting engaGE. It looks great and I’d like to help, but unfortunately I’m out of GVA first two weeks of July. There may be other opportunities later hopefully, but I’d first like to know who is active in engaGE. D’you know who are the creators and innovators here ?
    Really interesting and I think it comes at a time where many could be interested in getting involved.
    Thanks for letting me know, please. John

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