Team life and Leadership

The last few days I have been away with our team at YFC Geneva on a year-end retreat. It was good, healthy, painful, exciting, and reflective. We were in Ovronnaz. Small, but good.
Everyone in leadership knows the experience of group reflection.
Everyone in leadership understands the critique of work that is different from the evaluation of self.
Everyone in leadership has epiphonal moments of ‘wow’ i am glad i am learning this now.
Everyone in leadership knows that you are not perfect, and neither are others (but you can never say that out loud).
It was good, and forming. It was good to have team there, but also, it was special to have Laura, Phil, Bethany, and Lammert to process with. As people who will be around the organization for the next few years, It’s good to be on the same page together.
Leadership is the ultimate test of self. Agree? Disagree?