Obama and A Prayer for America (Voters & Policies)

If you are not an american, its still worth a watch. And by the way, I believe your voice matters!
As one friend pointed out in a recent discussion, ‘the presidental election matters to the world because the election has the capacity to influence lives that have no say in who gets elected’. Oh the beautiful tragedy of global politics and policies.
A Prayer for America, American Voters, and American Policies
Dear God- Let the American people understand the importance of their policies and politicians. Let them come to understand how to vote responsibly in Presidential and local elections. Let all who can vote, act justly in voting even if it means going against long held family convictions about ‘party’. Let America once again understand how to bless the world even if it means not being the best, most talented, largest, most economically rich country in the world. May America humbly empower through policies of selflessness and sacrifical acts of globalized empowerment.-Joshua Case, Geneva, Switzerland 2007
peace, grace, and justice for all…
joshua c

One thought on “Obama and A Prayer for America (Voters & Policies)

  1. As an American, a memeber of a conservative family, and now a Barack Obama Supporter, I completely agree with your prayer. I too pray that America can come to understand the ideals of service, compassion, and humility. The wealthiest nation on the planet should step up to the responsibilities that come as a result of those blessings.
    I think a big key to the success of those ideals is the Christian Church’s ability to speak about faith that goes beyond beliefs and becomes about large scale political action that resembles the message of Christ.
    Thanks for the post Joshua!

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