Shema, Hares, and an Angel

What a Sunday it was…
At Shema we discussed and explored the story of Moses and Joshua. Retelling it to each other in community was a rich learning experience. Lammert then led us through an exploration of our own timeline, thinking about our personal stories in the context of: transitions, key lessons, critical incidents, and influential people. It was rich.
We also had someone from Voix Libres come and share with us how they ‘train’ people (children and women mostly) in Bolivia. Their work is quite amazing, and all of it takes place with local people. As we had been discussing understanding who our ‘masters’ were and how we were ‘apprentices’ the woman presenting simply said, ‘These kids live in hell. With no birds or flowers or grass to show them there is a God. But there is a spark in the darkest mine. And these kids, they are my masters’. She also described the work of Voix Libres as ‘transforming the ugly into the beautiful…the pass it forward multiplication in action’.
Towards the end we watched this video by Alanis Morissette and reflected on the ‘promise lands’ or ‘utopias’ or ‘nirvanas’ we were each (and communally) being called to. Keeping in mind that its ‘easier to take a people out of egypt than to take egypt out of a people’.

It was also an interesting day for the people of the Milan airport. Check out this video of them catching what has been described as ‘a plague of hares’ who were ‘mating’. Yep, thats right, these some 80 rabbits were disrupting the landing of planes and the ground radar images. Some were even being, ‘caught in the tires of landing jumbo jets’. OUCH.
And finally, Tiger’s negative streak continues. He has not won when not in the lead after the third round. This years US open, goes to an Angel. Still, Tiger took second! Well done.
enjoy your a day..till tomorrow..