Brussels, Children’s Books, and Leadership

Over the next few days my blogging maybe more sporadic. Maybe not, but maybe so.
I am spending the next three days in Brussels with a few other people working in ministry in the European context. Maybe I can share more later…but for now, that’ll just serve as a teaser. I’ll also be staying on to work with the Serve the City project here next week.
What I will suggest though is a few books that have read that may feel a little like a ‘childrens’ book plug; however, it really serves as a way for deep lessons in leadership are conveyed quite simply.
Book One: Animal Farm, by George Orwell. A major work on leadership. More than political, it demonstrates the way that we all respond to leaders, to being followers, and to systems which we either like, or dislike. A good, reflective read year after year after year.
Book Two: The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. I’ve just started this one recently. It has amazed me. Very well written. Simple, profound, and deeply reflective. It’ll make you ask yourself all sorts of questions about how you see the world, whether you are orthodoxically stuck or open, whether you are known for your words or deeds, and maybe most importantly, where are the weeds growing out of control in your life. I highly suggest it.
Ok, all for now. Hope to check back soon.