Seriously good conversations…

Here are a few conversations from last week. As i am traveling across the US, I hope to be able to find more wifi; however, no promises. Also, I will be transfering my blog over to a different space (though keeping in the next couple of weeks. Just can’t handle all the spam… Fernando […]

You leave, and look what you miss!

So here i have left the country for just a little bit of time, and look what i am missing. A naked photo shoot on a Swiss glacier to highlight global warming! Jeez! Read more and take action…if you can! hehe.. jc Oh wait…I am back for it! Its on the 18-19 August!! And of […]

Stupid Hollywood…

So, I like Isaiah Washington. But more importantly, I like Preston Burke. As one of the most balanced characters on the show Grey’s Anantomy, of which i have not see all of season three living in Europe, he does a good job despite having to be the boy friend of a pretty bad actress. But […]

America, the Beautiful…

Well, I am in the US for the next few weeks. A bit of break, a bit of family, a bit of time with my lovely and loving wife. Can’t wait, as we’ve been away for the last three weeks! Jeez! I saw an article in USA Today as soon as I arrived about Walmart […]

Seriously good conversations…

Josh Brown’s “Negativity, Baptists, and Homosexuals’ Jim Wallis’ “Peace Cannot Simply Exist as an Ideal’ LeRon Shults’ ‘The Problem of Good(s) II’ InternetMonk’s ‘Thomas Merton and the green grass that wasn’t’ enjoy…. jc Tweet Send to Facebook

Engage Geneva Photos

Here are a few photos including several from last night’s Stop the Traffik event where we had volunteers moving all over Geneva in search of signatures and raising awareness for the Chocolate campaign. talk to you more soon…engage!! jc Tweet Send to Facebook

Engage Geneva Photos

Here are a few photos from Engage Geneva from the last couple of days. Things continue to go great. The ripple effect continues to happen. People continue to get involve. Energy continues to build, and maybe most importantly, people continue to be impacted by their service of others. Here are some photos…. jc Tweet Send […]

Tuesday is for Thomas

Merton once said, ‘A life is either all spiritual or not spiritual at all. No man can serve two masters. Your life is shaped by the end you live for. You are made in the image of what you desire.’ If this statement has any truth to it, then it applies to us all. A […]