Tuesday is for Thomas and Sister Monia

There is something interesting about community with the sisters of the Missionaries of Charity order. I am not sure what it is really, but whatever Mother Teresa had, so have many of these women world-wide.
As I said yesterday, we were to spend an hour in prayer with the sisters before serving the homeless or hungry. What we did not know was that Monday’s are their one hour in silence day. So, we arrived, ready for prayer, and then had the privilege of sharing pregenant silence with the sisters. It was rich.
As we served the food, several of the men and women were asking why we weren’t having certain things and the sisters had let them know that those things hadn’t been given for this day. That they could only serve what had been provided. So they did, and they served abundantly. Everyone left… fed and encouraged by the sisters. Encouraged, yes..you can’t be with these ladies and not be encouraged, or inspired by the trust in God and love of people.
As we left we Sister Monia handed us a bag with sandwiches and said, ‘give these to my friends at the train station, you’ll know them when you see them.’ Sure we thought..then we saw them. More on this experience later.
Well I’ll now leave you with a thought from Merton which I think also kind of ties together some of these thoughts. In evitably, we all need each other. And inevitably, we all need God.
‘We must be willing to accept the bitter truth that, in the end, we may have to become a burden to those who love us. But it is necessary that we face this also. The full acceptance of our abjection and uselessness is the virtue that can make us and others rich in the grace of God. It takes heroic charity and humility to let others sustain us when we are absolutely incapable of sustaining ourselves. We cannot suffer well unless we see Christ everywhere, both in suffering and in the charity of those who come to the aid of our affliction.’
be loved. love. be…..
today we are back with the sisters. We’re painting and serving their friends again.