So I am 30…

Please excuse the brief self-indulgence…
While racing around at Serve the City kept me from blogging for a few days, yesterday was blog free as it was my birthday.
Yeah, Yeah you might think, ‘how was it that joshua managed to get Al Gore to throw a party on all seven continents for him?’ Well, I wonder the same thing. Not to mention in Geneva, there was also a lake party on my birthday (rather scandalous) and an initial celebration for the repeat Americas Cup winner Alinghi (a Swiss boat).
Yes, my birthday was a good one with two parties of friends making it special. With a homemade carrot cake from my wife (who is in Oklahoma now) and a few calls from a few good friends.
And while I am not exactly sure what the next 30 will have for me, I do hope that some how the first thirty will serve as something of a jumping off point. A place to not merely reflect back on, but to work out of. Yeah yeah, isn’t all of life that way? Sure, but there is something about, as my dad put it, ‘leaving your twenties’ that is different. So, off i go into another decade of life. Hoping to live life more fully. Hoping to understand things more clearly. Hoping to choose more wisely. Hoping to be more healthy.
Thanks for staying in touch. I should be back online now for a while.

5 thoughts on “So I am 30…

  1. Just have to say. The recipe you put online for the carrot cake is NOT my momther’s world famous recipe! You’re forgiven. And I’m thrilled you had a good birthday. So sorry to be away.

  2. Thanks Nuno. I appreciate the encouragement. I’m actually looking forward to getting older…that is if its true…that you get wiser with age;)

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