2 thoughts on “Seriously good conversations…

  1. Hmmmm…. not at all with you on Brown’s. What did you like about it?
    That may not be a fair question without a little more information – let me at least go first and talk about what I didn’t like.
    He entitled the article that was the subject of his post “Is Homosexuality A Sin?” and then proceeded to say… well, nothing about that. He talked about if it’s wrong to castrate and burn homosexuals at the stake (okay, I exaggerate slightly) but had not the slightest insight to add into why it may or may not be a sin. To be fair, maybe there’s not much to add to that score: it’s a sin because the Bible says so and it’s not because I don’t like what the Bible says are already pretty succinct.
    Why is it inconceivable to half the church that just because somebody wants something without having to “try” and want it, that it doesn’t make it any less sinful? And why is it inconceivable to the other half that it’s no different from the sin that they have been saved from? It’s like we have to either dismiss it as not sin at all or not love them at all. In reality, if we let either side drop, the balance is gone and we’re lost.
    Controversial, maybe. Good conversation? I’m not seeing it…

  2. We’ll i don’t think because i post it as a ‘sgc’ that it necessarily means i agree with it.
    but you do raise some good points. maybe we can get josh to respond..;)

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